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The Kingborough Council has resolved to introduce new fees at the Barretta Waste Transfer Facility as from 1 February 2016.

The significant decrease in international demand for scrap metal and onsite capacity restrictions has influenced Council's decision to introduce new fees for the disposal of steel.  The fees will cover costs to have all scrap metal taken off site.

Council has also resolved to increase the minimum fee for the disposal of general waste.

The minimum general waste fee will now be $10 for loads under 120 kilograms.  This brings the Barretta site fees in line with other councils in the greater Hobart area and will contribute to the ongoing financial sustainability of the facility.

In summary, the following fees will apply:

  • $10 minimum for general waste up to 120 kg
  • $50 per tonne of steel
  • $55 for a car body
  • $30 for a half car body